Wacom Intuos4 Is Completely Wireless

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The fifth Wacom Intuos4 is named the "Intuos4 Wireless" as it teams up with Macs and PCs via Bluetooth. An 8 x 5-inch display used with a pressure-sensitive Grip Pen will have designers porting their creations to Adobe instantly.


Autodesk and Corel are also compatible with the graphics tablet, which is the same size as the medium Intuos4 model. It charges via USB and has 18 hours of battery life when not connected. There's a few other changes with the design of the Intuos4 Wireless in comparison to the other four models, but if you're wanting a comprehensive look at it, then CNET has got an early review of it.

Pricing for the UK market looks set to be £359.99 when it goes on sale in March, with the US able to pick one up for $399 now. [Wacom Wireless via CNET]



I'm happy to see Wacom moving in the wireless direction. When I first got my Cintiq 12WX I was disappointed to find it wasn't nearly as portable as the demo video lead me to believe—this thing has three long wires coming from a connector.

I wasn't disappointed long though, I mean it is a Wacom Cintiq after all. When not in use for art, it streams Hulu and Netflix while I work, can't complain about that.