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Wacom's Intuos4 Pen Tablet Gets Reviewed (Verdict: Good Value)

Illustration for article titled Wacoms Intuos4 Pen Tablet Gets Reviewed (Verdict: Good Value)

Wacom has just released their newest pen tablet, the Intuos4, with features that are sure to interest any aspiring digital artist. If you fall in that category, PC Magazine thinks you won't be disappointed.


While it doesn't compare to the Cintiq in terms of functionality, it also doesn't carry the hefty price tag. For $230 to $790, Intuos4 users get a pad that features 2,048 pressure levels (with a starting pressure of one gram) and a software bundle that includes Color Efex Pro and any two of the following programs: Adobe Photoshop Elements 7 for the PC (or Elements 6 for the Mac), Autodesk SketchBook Express 2010, and Corel Painter Sketch Pad. Essentially, the Intuos4 occupies that spot between the low end Bamboo and the high end Cintiq for users that need more than a basic tablet but are not ready to spring $1000+ for the best of the best. [PC Magazine]

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God dammit, I just bought an Intuos3 like a month ago.