Wait, It's Too Late To Ask For This Awesome Butcher Block?

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Brooklyn Butcher Blocks are custom pieces for your kitchen that are absolutely gorgeous. This walnut model is no exception. I want to possess it utterly.


The best cutting boards are made out of thick wood, because they're better for your knives. And cutting on something that solid is more stable and just feels better. This one is 12 by 18 by 2 inches, costs $175, and is inspired by the beautiful brownstones of Brooklyn. Today is boxing day, but I'm greedy and would be glad to have this in my kitchen. [Brooklyn Butcher Blocks]


MAKE2 Mifune

It's from Brooklyn and it has an "artisinal" description, so it's gotta be the shiznit.

Cheap but reliable Victorinox chefs knife




Use whatever cutting board you want. Maybe spend the extra scratch to get a custom high density plastic cutting board with the PETA logo emblazoned on it.

It's not the board that you use that makes for good reliable cutting, it's the knife, your technique, and whether you take time to maintain the edge/wash+dry right after use. My trusty Victorinox has been more reliable than quite a few $100-$200+ knives I've had.