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Walking on the Roads of Argentina Looks Awesome

Argentina has so many wonderfully different backdrops and views that it’s a pretty perfect place to travel through. Guillaume Juin walked on the roads of the beautiful country and captured gorgeous imagery in this video. You can really see how diverse the landscape is. In the northern parts of Argentina it’s a total desert. In the south? You’ll run into the beautiful snow-capped mountains of Patagonia.


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I’m from there but I must say all countries in the Americas have beautiful landscapes. It’s a pity that in Argentina there’s no much of a mentality to service the tourism properly like say Spain (regardless numbers). Also for an Argentinian is pretty expensive travel and staying at hotel/hostels.

Like everywhere else as soon as you leave the big cities you’ll find very friendly country people, although you’ll have to have to make an effort with Spanish since some english is spoken mostly only on big cities (tourist spots/stores).

Fair Warning: Vegans don’t go there... you’ll lose your religion as soon as you try a choripan or asado with chimi-churri sauce. You’re welcome.

Also congrats to the creators of the video: Short and Sweet! (I’m honestly quite tired of the loooong drones videos / time lapses HDR cliches found everywhere.