Wall Clips Organize Controllers In Wiimote Locations

Illustration for article titled Wall Clips Organize Controllers In Wiimote Locations

Controllers can be a hassle to keep track of, and often clutter up valuable home entertainment space. But here comes the Wall Clip, what Mary Poppins would surely have used if the Banks children had been gamers.


I'm sure the Wall Clip can be used to mount any number of non-video-game-accessory items to your wall, and it's that flexibility that makes them so handy. You can mount anything from a Wii Nunchuck to a Guitar Hero axe by bending and shaping each Wall Clip as necessary.

They're available in a range of ten colors, and you can pick up four for just ten bucks. And if anyone questions why you've got video game controllers hanging on your walls, explain to them that it's part of the decor, and politely escort them from the premises. [Laboratory 424 via Unpluggd]



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