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Wall-E Animator Tops Everyone Who Ever Wanted to Make a LEGO Wall-E

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Were you thinking of building your own Wall-E out of LEGO? Pfft. I mean, no, go ahead. Just don't ever put it next to this model by Angus MacLane, who actually helped animate the film. Because, as good as yours may look, he can always play the "well, the way we do things at Pixar..." card on you. So how does he rate his own performance?

I'm proud of the overall proportions, but the eyes are still a bit too off for me...Having stared at this robot for 3+ years, I was extremely familiar with the proportions and functionality of Wall•E. It helped to know his design, but that made it hard to make the usual compromises when converting items to LEGO form.


But from our untrained eyes, it appears that MacLane is being far too hard on himself. [The Brothers Brick via bbGadgets]