Wall-E on Blu-Ray Arrives November 18th

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WALL-E is set to land on Blu-Ray (and DVD) on November 18th, and will probably become the go-to showoff movie for high-end entertainment systems. The newest Pixar movie is a big favorite here at Gizmodo, and the 3-disc set looks like a must-have for Blu-Ray owners, with all kinds of great extras. More details after the jump. It'll be available in a two- or three-disc set on Blu-Ray, and feature a new short film called BURN-E, as well as Presto, the short that ran alongside the film in theaters. The sets also have a documentary on the studio called The Pixar Story, a "retro suite of video games," and of course the standards like commentary and a behind-the-scenes look. The double and triple-disc sets will run for $36 and $41, respectively, and there will be single, double, and triple-disk DVD sets as well. [Official Site]