Walmart Not Getting Nexus One, Leaked Product Page Described As "Technical Error"

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Walmart's told the Christian Science Monitor, of all people, that they won't be selling the Nexus One through its Walmart Wireless arm, despite a product page saying otherwise. That page has now disappeared, and blamed as a "technical error."

It could be seen as good news, or bad news. Giz commenter Aja175 summed the leaked product page up neatly with "Wow, there goes the nerd exclusive club. Nexus 1, coming to a trailer park near you!" after hearing the news two days ago, but there's no denying what Walmart's reach would've given Android.


Walmart's Ravi Jariwala told the Christian Science Monitor:

"Sorry to disappoint but we have no plans to carry Nexus One in Walmart stores or online at at this time. Due to a technical error, this item erroneously was displayed on our site. We're working with our partner Let's Talk to have it removed as quickly as possible, and apologize for any confusion."


The page has now been taken down, so if you're wanting that animated-wallpaper-packing Nexus One in the States, your only options now are T-Mobile or straight from Google...until Verizon gets it, anyway. [Christian Science Monitor via Wireless Week]

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