Illustration for article titled Walmart: Would You Like a Side of ATT U-Verse With That Vizio TV?

AT&T is going to sell its U-Verse TV and internet service at Wally World and Circuit City in areas where it's available, hoping to juice adoption rates. Which means that Walmart's odd metamorphosis into a place you can legitimately go gadget shopping (at 3AM while completely hammered, which, let's be honest, is the real appeal here) is nearly complete. Since AT&T is going to have in-store kiosks and drones for the U-Verse setup, it actually lends more credence to the rumor that Walmart will be peddling the iPhone 3G next month. High-speed internet, IPTV and the iPhone—at Walmart, the last store it's cool to beat your child in? It boggles the mind. [TMCnet via DSL Reports]


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