iPhone 3G Coming to Walmart Just in Time for the New Great Depression

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Boy Genius Report has it "on good authority" that Our Lord and Savior Jesusphone 3G will be sold in God's own retail store: Walmart. They name November 15th as the date of arrival, which is just in time for shoppers to overlook it as they clear their local Walmart of cans of beans to prepare for the econocopalypse that's sure to destroy Western civilization as we know it. You heard it here first, folks: the hot gift this Christmas will be a can of Heinz baked beans. [BGR]


Here we go with the sensationalism again. The new Great Depression? Will we still be facing a Great Depression when the market is back up well over 10,000 in a few weeks?

The US and global economy is far more robust than it was in 1929. The US and foreign governments are responding more quickly than they did in 1929. And there are programs in place, created specifically because of the depression to help address many of the issues that befell the country in the 30s.

Having to wait an extra month or two to buy the latest iPhone or giant flat-screen TV is not a sign of a looming depression. The fact that Walmart is now carrying this phone shows that people are still spending money. The demand must be there otherwise they wouldn't bother.

Stick to gadgets and leave the political commentary to someone else.