Want $50,000 Worth of Development for Your Brilliant App Idea?

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BMW's i concept vehicles are all about efficiency and sustainability — in vehicular engineering (who knew a battery could be integrated into the chassis?), design that makes their cars look like works of art, and more. They've even been building out apps to help make your driving experience more efficient and sustainable.


Now you have a chance to see your app idea become a reality.

If you have an app idea — or even an app already in development — and it's themed around sustainability or design, send us an email with "App Challenge" as the subject line at enter@gizmodo.com. All you'll need to include is a 300-word-max description and any supporting images or videos — everything we need to get the gist of your mind-blowing app concept.


The finalists will be published on Gizmodo, and the winner will get $50,000 in services to help bring it to life — with the results unveiled at the GQ Best Stuff of the Year event.

See if BMW's i Concept site gets your creative juices flowing, then send your app idea in by 6 PM ET on August 21.

Click here for contest rules. Only open to US residents. Readers may also enter by sending their contact information to Gawker Media, Attn: App Challenge, 210 Elizabeth Street, Third Floor, New York, NY 10012. The contest begins on August 7, 2012 at 11:59am ET and ends on August 21, 2012 at 11:59pm ET. This contest is sponsored solely by Gizmodo.

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