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Want a 4K TV? Sony Has a $76,000 Set With Your Name On It

Illustration for article titled Want a 4K TV? Sony Has a $76,000 Set With Your Name On It

Regular HDTV is so last year. What you really need is a 4k TV, one with four times the resolution of HD. And hey, Sony's new TRIMASTER offers just that, for a price.


Yes, this $76,583, 56-inch set sports a resolution of 3840x2160, which means you can cram four full-res HD feeds in there at one time. You know, for watching four football games at once, or four movies at once. Samsung announced a similar, larger set a couple years ago, but as far as we know it never actually became a real product. This thing is all real.


Sure, this thing isn't meant for normal consumers, as the price makes it clear. But that doesn't mean you can't get one if you have the scratch. Come on, go for it. It's only $76,000. [AV Watch via Engadget]

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This is Quad-HD, not 4k.

4k has a resolution of 4096×3072, not 3840x2160.