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Was the Windows 8 UI Designed on a Mac? (Updated)

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

This is Bill Flora. He helped lead the team credited with designing Metro, the tile-based Windows Phone UI that will constitute the core of Windows 8's interface on touch-screen devices. Flora is understandably proud of his creation, "It was fresh." he told CNet, "It wasn't Apple." That's good because apparently everything else on his desk is.

Take a closer look. Flora appears to employ nothing but Apple products for his work—an Apple Cinema Display, a MacBook Pro, and an Apple Bluetooth Keyboard are all clearly visible. I'm surprised that Microsoft doesn't have rules against fraternizing with the enemy's tech like this.

Update: Flora hasn't worked at Microsoft since September of last year; he left to found a "user experience design firm" called Tectonic. There's no indication that he used a Mac when he worked at Microsoft. [CNet via CultofMac]