Watch a 15-minute fan film based on Welcome to Hoxford, Ben Templesmith's werewolf prison riot comic

A group of independent filmmakers have put together a snazzy homemade film based on Ben Templesmith's (30 Days Of Night) supernatural IDW Publishing comic miniseries, Welcome To Hoxford.

It's pretty atmospheric for a not-for-profit production, and the film stars Jason Flemyng (Primeval, X-Men: First Class) as the disturbed protagonist. Be sure to check out the making-of website for some snazzy shots of the production. Here's the synopsis of the film:

Raymond Delgado is no ordinary prisoner...

On a good day he'll take the time to tell you he's the son of Zeus before he tears out your jugular. On a bad day, you won't even have a moment to call out for help.

After a yet another "incident" Raymond has been transferred to Hoxford, a correctional facility and mental institution known for its radical methods. At Hoxford, Raymond's not the only predator...

Come nightfall, under a full moon, bloodcurdling screams pierce through the darkness of the prison courtyard. It's hunting hour! As the other Hoxford prisoners huddle in the obscurity of their prison cells trembling in fright, Ray cracks a smile. He thrives on confrontation. Lock a human beast in a cage with a legendary monster and, in your opinion...

Who will devour? And who will be devoured?


[Welcome to Hoxford via Nerdcore]


Erik Sofge

I honestly wish I could just sit back and enjoy this kind of stuff. Despite some of the incredibly cool visuals, like the final shot, I can't do it. I still fast-forward and wince at the weird acting, the affectations, the videogame cutscene-style narration. The tongue-bite-kill was laught-out-loud dumb, to me.

But I would like to see this director getting serious work. Given a solid script, I bet he could come up with something awesome.