Watch a 50,000 Domino Circle Bomb Topple In the Blink of an Eye

Most record-setting domino layouts are designed to topple one-by-one in a procession that can can take almost a quarter of an hour to complete—but not this one. Sixteen stress-enthusiasts from Germany's Sinners Domino Entertainment created the world's largest domino circle bomb with 54,321 pieces that succumbed to gravity in just a few seconds after a dropped ball triggered the formation's demise.

That circle bomb represents a tremendous amount of work—hours and hours—that's completely undone in a fraction of the time it took to assemble. But such is the art of domino toppling, and at least its creators were left with some great footage, and a Guinness world record for their efforts. [YouTube via Laughing Squid]


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My biggest question is, what kind of place would allow you to take up that much space for that much time for a project like this?