Watch a Guy Ride the World's Tallest Bicycle

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Last year, we brought you the exploits of StoopidTall, a 14.5-foot-tall bike that is completely terrifying to ride. So naturally, we now have StoopidTaller, a bike that is yet another 5 1/2 feet taller. Experience the terror from the bike seat first hand in this dizzying video of StoopidTaller in action.


After showing off StoopidTall last April, Richie Trimble had a world record in sight. Over four days in December, he then built a 20-foot-high bike christened StoopidTaller. (Our vote would have been StoopiderTall.) Then, he actually had to ride it. Well, first he had to get on it, which required climbing 20 feet up a lighting pole in a parking lot. The ride itself is no less nerve-wracking. [Digg]


So when he rides the next bike that's 25ft tall, should they call it StoopiderTaller or StoopidTallerer?