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Watch a Guy Use 90 Instruments to Play a Single Song

How many instruments can you name off the top of your head. Fifteen? Twenty? If you just got to 25 and you’re patting yourself on the back right now, slow down: The Musical Instrument Museum in Phoenix is home to over 6,000.


Nobody’s ever played them all, but Mystery Guitar Man has come closer than most. On a recent trip to the museum, he decided to cover the traditional Greek song Misirlou — using 90 different musical instruments. Thanks to the magic of video editing, he’s a one man orchestra.


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1. He didn’t “decide on a recent trip to the museum”, there’s one smallish room set up with a handful of instruments that are fairly kid-proof that you can play, other than that visitors aren’t allowed to even touch the instruments, I think like a lot of museums they don’t even allow flash phot9ography so no way it went down like the article makes it sound.

2. And Yeah, he’s definitely not playing all those instruments in the video. Not saying that out of hate or jealousy (though if those instruments are actually from the museum then I am a little jealous because that was the only negative of visting that awesome museum - that I couldn’t actually try out the instruments) - but having seen people play both brass instruments and the theremin in person (not the same person), he’s not even playing those instruments. And I don’t mean just that what we hear on the video isn’t what he’s playing in the video (because I get that recording music can require multiple takes for each instrument amd you aren’t going to video each one) but he’s not playing those instruments. I’d bet money the only instruments he’s actually playing are some (or maybe all of) the stringed instruments and the rhythm instruments, all the wind instruments look wrong some are close but some are totally off. Also, he’s definitely not playing the violin his bowing doesn’t match the sound at all - if he knew how to play violin his bowing would match the violin part even if he’s ‘miming’ a performance for sake of video.