Watch a Master Carpenter Build the Workbench of Your Dreams

Any shop doing good work demands an equally good workbench. And if this build is any indication, Jesse de Geest AKA The Samurai Carpenter will be fashioning some wooden works of art in the very near future.


Geest designed the bench himself, and then built it using a combination of power tools and hand tools. Every piece is fitted together with Japanese-style joinery that will ensure it’ll last several lifetimes (as opposed to screws and glue, the way shitty IKEA furniture is made). Near the end of the video, the Samurai Carpenter even says that he wants the workbench to be something his children can someday inherit and take inspiration from.


Even though I don’t have the tools, space, or expertise to make one, I’m thinking about buying the plans for this workbench aspirationally, for the day I finally throw my computer into the East River and go live in the woods.

He also posted a new video describing the features of the bench, among which is its height. As a similarly tall person, I deeply empathize with not wanting to get a hunchback because of janky, low-lying surfaces.

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and this guy is a master carpenter who doesn’t use a router to hollow out slots? Yeah, sorry bro.....using a spade bit for this just makes you look stupid.