Watch a Twilight tattoo transform into a rad Rufio tattoo

Who knew a few simple strokes from a tattoo artist could turn the mopey Edward Cullen into the brash, mohawked Rufio from Hook! According to Geekologie — who also made this excellent GIF — the ink was part of a bet:

OK, so this guy I used to know recently made a deal with his friend that they would choose each other's tattoos and they would each get theirs while being blindfolded. He took his blindfold off to see this — Edward, from Twilight! Yikes! So later he had it covered up with RUFIOOOO!


Only one question remains, what was the other tattoo of? Well done, everyone involved in this tattoo coverup. When our bodies have long turned to dust, our children's children will look back on late 1900s-early 2000s culture and solemnly intone, "Bangarang."

UPDATE: A few fellow inked io9ers are protesting that this tattoo is a fake! The more we look at it, the more we're starting to believe them, what say you commenters?



the fact that one's a bicep and the other's a thigh might have been a tell.