Watch a Windows 7 Slate Take On the iPad

What happens when a Windows 7 tablet takes on the iPad head to head in a series of every day usage battles? This video happens. Place your bets!


The Hanvon Windows 7 slate shown here is presumably one of the many Windows 7 tablets Microsoft expects by year's end. The surprise here isn't that the Hanvon's a clear winner—it's not—but more that it's able to at least keep up with (and often beat out) the iPad while also including a camera, USB, SD card slot, and a trackpad. With all that comes an unpleasant blockiness, though, and I'm guessing the battery life on this thing doesn't compare.


Still, it's good to see iPad competitors starting to show a little moxy. It'll be interesting to see which, if any, can successfully storm the castle. [All Things D]

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I find it funny that a majority of the people are looking for little things to bash the slate in its comparison with the Ipad. Yes the pinch/zoom features could use alot of work, however I would prefer this over an Ipad for three reasons.

1.) I can replace IE with Firefox/Opera/Chrome/etc and still get full functionality of the browser

2.) No Safari and No Itunes.

3.) I don't have to purchase several iDevices to get it to read my DSLR camera, take pictures, or have basic functionality such as reading my thumb drive.

People should be asking instead of picking at the little faults or trying to come up with old tales of viruses and malware on it after a month. Questions such as what is the battery life? How much will it cost? Will it be married to a provider such as AT&T or will there be multiple providers? What are we looking at for storage? What are the specs?