Watch Artists Turn Plain Old Masking Tape Into a Trippy 3D Light Show

It's not tough to make friends at hostels, but if you need a solid convo starter for that attractive stranger nursing a beer at the bar, Generator in Berlin has got you covered. Audiovisual artist Jacques-André Dupont recently set up a trippy multi-media installation with plain old tape and 3D mapping projections. Boom.


The brief was for a "futuristic city," and Dupont's interpretation was something he describes as "invasive, forever growing on itself." And, yeah, this freaky metropolis just won't quit. It's pretty incredible to see how the geometric tape design—which is sticky (duh) and therefore completely static (duh)—evolves into something so detailed, and so different.

Every time the light shifts, the whole thing takes on an entirely new identity; it's brain-busting in a similar way to Lukazs Karluk's HoloDecks. Dupont's got quite a few other AV art projects on his site that are equally awesome. Super fun, freaky-deaky stuff. [Visual News]


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