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Watch Chernobyl's Huge Radiation Shield Slide in and Enclose the Damaged Nuclear Reactor

We already saw how the new $1.6 billion sarcophagus—the 843-foot wide, 354-foot tall steel shield that entombs the radioactive material leaking from the damaged nuclear reactor left over from the Chernobyl disaster—was going to be put in place to replace the old concrete structure that enclosed the damaged reactor in a picture but here’s a time lapse showing the entire process. Seeing the gigantic arch structure slide in shows what a feat of engineering this was. It’s a really, really, really snug fit.

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Two things:

1. That seems like that’s not gonna do anything. But then again, maybe I don’t know how radiation works, other than to no be anywhere near it, which brings me to my next thing.

2. I wonder how hard it was for those workers to get health insurance?