Watch Facebook's Slow Creep Toward Total World Domination

Slowly but surely, the Facebook singularity approacheth. As of last month, Zuck's Empire can proudly call itself the reigning social network in 127 out of 137 polled countries. That's a lot of selfie uploads.


What's more, this a huge leap from where Facebook ranked just three years ago. As you can see below, it could barely hold onto a full continent and was nearly nonexistant in Asian countries. Now, Facebook's even overtaken Orkut, the once (relatively) hyper-popular social network for Brazilian and Indian tweens everywhere. Qzone is, of course, still dominating in China, whose people have to make do with their own version of popular sites in the notoriously internet restrictive country.

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At this rate and with Facebook's 1.2 billion active monthly users, it's only a matter of time before we're seeing a map full of Facebook brand blue. Every game of Risk has to end at some point, after all. [Vincos Blog via Digg]


Interesting to see that Iran actually left facebook for something else.