Watch Following To See the Legendary Christopher Nolan's Beginnings

If you want to know what a filmmaker is really like at their core, watch their first movie. Thanks to tiny budgets and a lack of experience, these movies tend to be very direct in style, and a lot more honest. Following is exactly that. It's a boiled down collection of what went on to be Christopher Nolan's main trademarks: nonlinear storytelling, crime drama, and, of course, suspense.


Following is a film about a man who follows people around as a hobby. He ends up getting caught in the middle of the London criminal underground. Before Wally Pfister's, trademark style Following is shot by Christopher Nolan himself in all black and white. The film was the breakout piece for the now heralded director.

Like the rest of his films to follow, Following jumps between several sequences out of linear order with a very Nolan twist ending that makes the whole film snap into place. With Following Nolan declared his style that would carry through Momento and Insomnia and become a major aspect of his biggest films to date. And it's still very much worth the watch. And even if it's not there are plenty more movies on Netflix. [Netflix]

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My main takeaway from this movie was "Nolan has been waiting YEARS to name another character Dom"