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Watch Gerard Butler and Christian Bale Reenacting Star Wars

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

The actors and plot of the film Reign of Fire sound like pure win. It's got Butler. It's got Bale. It's got a post-apocalyptic world destroyed by dragons. And it's even got a Star Wars reenactment.

Tragically, Reign of Fire did not deliver on any count other than the Star Wars fight scene. The dragons were meh and never fought directly against helicopters, plus all efforts at creating a credible post-apocalyptic world are thrown out the window in a scene where Bale brews coffee with an electric coffee maker. Really, now - you think these dragon-menaced weirdos in a castle are going to have electricity for making coffee, but won't have a DVD player to show the kids Star Wars?


I love how Bale says he created the Star Wars story too - no fear of copyright violations after the fall of civilization, I guess!

Also I will confess that Reign of Fire is worth a watch, if only for the "so bad it's good" factor. And because this flick has the distinction of being the only science fiction film to feature dragons (at least that I am aware of).


Thanks for the tip, Esther!

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