Watch Google's I/O Keynote in 90 Seconds

For the first day of I/O, Google dropped a long, action-packed keynote on us, complete with the Nexus tablet unveiling, the Android Jelly Bean reveal, and parachuters jumping out of planes wearing the company's futuristic augmented reality glasses. If you weren't able to tune in, we've got you covered, with the entire two and a half hour talk condensed into 90 seconds in the above clip.


Also touched on were the Nexus Q media streamer and some new features for Google+ the social network no one is using but Google says has 250 million accounts. Didn't tune in today? We'll be back at it tomorrow, liveblogging the day two keynote, too.



I don't get how people say no one is using Google+, I use it all the time and have tons of people that I connect with there all the time. For me Facebook is for all the useless stuff (Hey, look at 50 pictures of my cat!) where as G+ is where I go to have discussions with people about stuff. I like being able to get away from the inane chatter of Facebook for something more meaningful.

I admit that if G+ ever becomes as popular as Facebook that will change (because all of the chatterers will move over to it) but until then I think it is really refreshing.