Watch How All Those Streets Signs Are Made

I've always wanted to steal a street sign but they're always bigger than you think. Where would I put it? How annoying is it for the city to fix? Wait, how are street signs even made? This video shows the street sign magic factory of New York City and reveals the true anatomy and process of those signs. If you're a fiend for cutting metal and silkscreening and anything in a manufacturing process, this video shows it all.


NYCDOT says:

There are more than two million signs in New York City. Ever wonder where they come from? Many are made by DOT's in-house sign shop based in Maspeth, Queens. This crew of 22 employees fabricate 9,000-12,000 signs a month, ranging from large highway signs down to Alternate Side Parking signs.

All the signs of NYC are made by 22 people! So for all 22 of you, I offer a pre-emptive apology for when I finally go steal a street sign. Thanks! [NYCDOT via Core77]


what a waste of time. that didn't show how the signs were made. it was just a video of people making signs. where is the technical information?