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Watch the ocean's five islands of garbage form over the last 35 years

The ocean is filled with alien-looking creatures, a lot of natural beauty and a crap ton of garbage. There is so much garbage in the ocean that fully formed patches of our filth have spawned. In this fascinating visualization, NASA reveals how the ocean’s 5 islands of garbage came to be. You can see the swirling pattern of the ocean cause a natural graviation of garbage to each other as they settle down in different parts of the world.


NASA explains:

We start with data from floating, scientific buoys that NOAA has been distributing in the oceans for the last 35-year represented here as white dots. Let’s speed up time to see where the buoys go...

...If we let all of the buoys go at the same time, we can observe buoy migration patterns. The number of buoys decreases because some buoys don’t last as long as others. The buoys migrate to 5 known gyres also called ocean garbage patches.

Read more about the five garbage patches and how they formed here.


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It would mean something if you could look out the window of a plane or down from orbit with binocs and actually see these so called “Islands” instead all we get are computper “Models” of what could be based on some guys projected estimations...I miss the days when science actually had REAL data sets not computer generated ones....but that was before science became a religion and a profit center.