Watching seven levels of humans stack themselves on top of each other is obviously a little bit absurd but it’s also pretty damn impressive. They’re 40 feet in the air and the only thing preventing the humans on top from smashing the humans on the bottom is, like, some hand holding. I don’t particularly like those odds on paper but after watching the time lapse, it’s incredible how sturdy the human tower looks.


The video shows the Colla Vella dels Xiquets Valls competing at the 2016 Concurs de Castells de Tarragona in Tarragona, Spain. As you can probably figure out, it’s an event to build human towers. I can’t tell if it’s worse to be at the very top of the human tower (where it’s so high you’d probably faint) or at the very bottom (where it looks so crowded you’d probably suffocate).

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