Watch Made From Mount Everest Rock Is Still Cheaper Than Climbing It Yourself

You might scoff at spending almost seventeen grand on a relatively boring watch that's crafted from a chunk of rock brought down from Everest's summit. But when you consider an expedition up the world's tallest mountain can cost as much as $83,000, this timepiece actually becomes a slightly more affordable way to visit the top of the world. Kind of.


Handcrafted in Nepal, the chunk of Everest used in Kobold's Himalaya Everest Edition watch was actually brought down the mountain by watchmaker Michael Kobold and explorer Sir Ranulph Fiennes back in 2009. But it took two years for a German company to cut and polish the rock into the seven millimeter thick discs used as the watches' faces to ensure they were all structurally sound and wouldn't crack. So if you and 24 others have always fantasized about visiting Everest but don't like the cold or risking your life, with this timepiece you can have the mountain brought to you.

[Kobold via Born Rich]

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