Watch NASA Livestream Its Two Lunar Satellites Slam Into the Moon Tonight (Update: Here We Go!)

Twin NASA orbiters Ebb and Flow have done a fantastic job of mapping lunar gravity at accuracy down to the micron, but that job is over now. The pair won't get to go into any sort of retirement though; instead, tonight, they'll fly straight into the moon. And NASA's going to livestream it. Here's where and when to watch.


The duo is due to make contact at 5:28 p.m. EST near the moon's north pole, but don't expect any gory visuals; the crash point will be in shadow at the time of touchdown. Nonetheless, NASA is planning about 35 minutes of coverage during the event that'll include some control room chaos, interviews with members of the team, and surely a cheer (or maybe gasp) when the satellites finally bite it.

You can check out the stream at over at NASA's website, or just watch it below. So check back and tune in to wish these two a fond farewell. It's sure to be a blast. [NASA via]

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