Watch or Cellphone: Which Do You Use To Tell The time?

Reuters has a piece on the seemingly more common practice of using a cellphone instead of a watch to tell the time. The thought process is, you have to carry your cellphone anyway, and it tells time, so why carry an extra phone?

The proliferation of cell phones, with their list of extra features, has had the knock-on effect of eliminating the need to wear a wristwatch unless it is to make a fashion statement.


Personally I still think a watch is more convenient. A flick of the wrist and you've got the time—no need to go rummaging past your wallet, through your keys and down into your cellphone to know that you're late to pick up your kid again (jeez, forty-five minutes in the rain one time and he won't shut up about it).

How about our readers? Do you go high-tech and sport only the cellphone, or are you more old school and pop a phone plus a watch/pocketwatch/Flava Flav clock around your neck?

Watch out - cell phones taking over as timepieces [Reuters]


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