Watch Steve Bezos Unleash the Awesome New Kindles

There's a reason we crowned Jeff Bezos the next Steve Jobs: he's cool, composed, stylish, and bald. And now you can see his ascension in motion, as he pitched the world on the new Kindle family. Nice jacket, Jeff.


Keynotes are a lot like tennis matches. Even if the action looks impressive onscreen, nothing compares to seeing the humans in motion. Bezos does come across a little off here—a little dry, a little awkward, a little stilted. But I promise you, as someone who was sitting right in front of him yesterday, his charisma was undeniable, and perhaps impossible to capture via Flash video.

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Just finished watching this. The audience weren't nearly as lively as those found at Apple Keynotes. I know not everything point needs whooping and hollering but when he announced the $199 Fire (which is bloody impressive imo) the room remained flat. Was cheering banned?