Watch Steve Jobs' Life In a Facebook Timeline (Updated 3)

Someone built a Facebook timeline with the life of Steve Jobs. It's quite nice to go through it and look at his life in this format, rather than having to suffer through Isaacson's rushed out prose.


It is actually a great idea that I want to see more: build timelines of famous dead people in Facebook. I can imagine the same for everyone, from politicians like FDR or Winston Churchill to scientists like Albert Einstein and Sir Isaac Newton to actors like Paul Newman and Humphrey Bogart. It would be great way to try to teach some history. You know. For kids!

In fact, Facebook should make these officially and call them Facebook's Historical Bios or something like that.

This one is not going to last long, I'm sure, so go through it while it lasts. [Facebook]

Update: It's down.
Update 2: It's up.
Update 3: Video capture added just in case they take it down again.


Nikolas Karampelas

if apple got this down then it is stupid, a lot of free publicity can be gained from this brilliant idea.

I agree with the author that it could be a good way to learn history for various famous people this way.

I remember a local magazine (RAM) did had something like that for computers in general back in the super huge issue of Jan 2000 and I found it really easy and enjoyable to read and learn, than reading just a body of text with some pictures here and there.