Watch the Ares I-X Launch Live [Updated: Launch Scrubbed]

All systems are go at Cape Canaveral. The new Arex I-X—largest NASA's rocket since Saturn V—is now ready to launch at Launch Pad 39B. After all, launch has been scrubbed because of the weather. Updated.


After a slight delay this morning, countdown resumed on T minus 4 minutes at 9:46am Eastern Time. There's a cloud formation flying over the pad right now, so they have frozen the countdown. Weather station will return an estimate in five minutes.

Update 1: Upper atmosphere weather is all good through the launch window, till noon today, so as soon as the clouds clear up, the countdown will resume.

Update 2: Countdown has resumed! T minus 4 minutes and counting.

Update 3: Countdown on hold at T minus 2 minutes 39 seconds, again for the weather. Damn Florida weather.


Update 4: Countdown back to T minus 4 minutes. Standing by.

Update 5: Flight director says they are giving it one last go. Launch window ends at 12pm.


Update 6: Launch has been scrubbed because of the bad weather. Ares I-X is being secured. Stay tuned for more news about the next launch attempt.

Go watch live it at [NASA TV]


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