Watch the DARPA Urban Challenge Final Live, Don't Forget About Us

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If you are planning on showing Gizmodo no love this morning, we shall excuse you if you ditch us for the awesome DARPA Urban Challenge. The DARPA Urban Challenge hopes to pursue technologies that may replace humans on the battlefield. Teams enter an unmanned, robotic and autonomous vehicle, which is released in a mock city environment and must complete certain tasks to succeed. The main objective is for the robotic vehicle to carry out simulated military supply missions, whilst simultaneously negotiating their way through traffic and past obstacles.

The preliminary stages involve knockout rounds, but today is the juicy final! The fastest team will be heading home with $2 million in their pockets, whilst second and third place will net $1 million and $500, 000, respectively. The final, to be held in Victorville, California, shall begin at 7am PDT and you can watch the live webcast by hitting up the link. Alternatively, if you are bandwidth limited, catch the liveblog via The Register, instead. [DARPA Urban Challenge, Liveblog, The Register]