Watch the Lovely Process of Making Traditional Harris Tweed

Here’s a short documentary from Jack Flynn and Nick David about making Harris Tweed on the Island of Harris and Lewis in Scotland. You get to see the people whose lives center around making this traditional fabric; hear their stories about how important it is to the island, their families, and their heritage; and most beautifully of all, see glimpses of the whole manufacturing process, where all sorts of colors of thread are weaved together on a loom to make the tweed. It’s really gorgeous.

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As a Scot who has visited Harris and Lewis about half a dozen times, I can’t recommend it enough. Harris looks like an alien land to the point that Kubrick used the landscape as part of the visual ending in the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey to represent an alien world. White sand beaches and best Haddock I’ve ever had in Leverburgh, Harris, plus there’s Callanish, the standing stones, on Lewis which are older than Stonehenge. There’s a little known castle way the hell up in the mountains called Amhuinnsuidhe Castle and it’s extremely remote. Madonna tried to buy it only to find out she couldn’t prevent cars from going through it. It’s worth the effort to get there and not too many people know about it, so if you’ve got the opportunity to go to Scotland, island hopping is a must.