Watch the New Trailer for the Beginning of Agents of SHIELD's End

Hmm. That’s not good for our SHIELD friends.
Hmm. That’s not good for our SHIELD friends.
Image: Marvel Studios

Today is a sad one for Agents of SHIELD fans, as they gathered to commiserate with cast and crew with the announcement that the show’s seventh season will be its last. But before we bid a final, final farewell to Daisy and friends, we got a glimpse of what to expect from the last four episodes of season six, and it’s going to be a wild ride.


Just revealed at San Diego Comic-Con, this new extended trailer for the last four episodes of the season picks up immediately where the latest episode left off—Melinda May killing Sarge in cold blood. Except, slight problem for May, then Daisy, then the rest of the team: Sarge doesn’t die. And now he has creepy Superpowers.

Even as Sarge wrestles with just who he is, and his relationship with the sinister Izel, May and the rest of the team (except for Daisy) have hopes that somehow, somewhere, the Coulson they lost a year ago is still inside him. Could he be? Will Sarge even agree with that sentiment? Can they save the world, all over again, like they’re hilariously just kind of use to at this point? We don’t have much longer to find out. Clock’s ticking, Agents.

Agents of SHIELD’s sixth season is currently airing on ABC.

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Slightly OT, but the whole time I was watching Far From Home, I was wondering what exactly Fury’s outfit was supposed to be. Is it SHIELD, or some intelligence agency he’s built up for himself over the years?