Watch The Wolverine Trailer, Plus A Sneak Peek At Bruckheimer's Eleventh Hour

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We reported tons of spoilers and bizarre revelations over the weekend at Comic-Con, but that doesn't mean there aren't still some thrilling secrets for us to reveal today. Like a cameraphone copy of the Wolverine trailer, and three new video s of Jerry Bruckheimer's mad-science show Eleventh Hour. There's also a huge Chuck preview, and a tantalizing spoiler about the Sarah Connor Chronicles. Plus details on three new episodes of Stargate Atlantis. Recover from Comic-Con hype overload with some nice soothing spoilers.



Here's a somewhat camera-phoney copy, broken into two sections, of the Wolverine trailer that appeared at Comic-Con the other day. You can see glimpses of Deadpool, Gambit and Victor Creed, plus the experiment that gives Wolverine his adamantium skeleton and Wolverine's doomed romance:

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles:

We'll have an exclusive interview with Sarah Connor Chronicles producer Josh Friedman up soon, but for now, here's the one big announcement from Comic-Con. The Comic-Con panel included Thomas Dekker, Lena Headey, Summer Glau, Garret Dillahunt (the bad Terminator), Richard T. Jones (FBI agent Ellison) and Brian Austin Green (Derek Reese). And Friedman announced that one of those people's characters would die this season. (My money's on Jones, Manson or BAG.) [EW]

Eleventh Hour:

Here's a new sneak peek at Jerry Bruckheimer's American remake of the cult British show about a government troubleshooter who's called in at the "eleventh hour" when people are abusing science. And a behind-the-scenes featurette, plus a new trailer.


Want to see the six-minute preview of Chuck season two that was shown at Comic-Con over the weekend? Here it is. [Chuck Online]

Plus there are more details about the third episode of Chuck season two. When Chuck goes on a mission with Bryce, Casey and Sarah, Chuck is undercover as a waiter. But he's so upset seeing Bryce and Sarah feeding each other strawberries that he causes a scene and gets himself fired. Then he's held at gunpoint by a Fulcrum agent to get what she wants. Meanwhile, more about those bullies from the sporting goods store who turn the Theater Dept. at Buy More into their personal den and game room during lunchtime. After Morgan tries to stand up to them, they challenge him to a fight. He and Lester end up chickening out and hiding in the Buy More all night to avoid getting beaten up. [SpoilerTV]


Stargate Atlantis:

In episode 5 of the current season, "The Ghost In The Machine," a mishap with a puddle jumper leads to a series of power disruptions on Atlantis, and they turn out to be linked to a former ally. In episode 6, "The Shrine," Rodney McKay suffers from a fatal illness that depletes his memories and regresses his behavior, and the only hope is to visit a special shrine. In episode 8, "The Queen," Teyla uses her mind to control a Wraith Queen, in order to release the rest of the team from captivity. She manages to take over an entire Hive ship. [SpoilerTV]



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