Watch this guy BASE jump from the ground using a motorbike and a ramp

Twelve-year-old Brad O'Neal imagined how cool it would be to BASE jump with a motorbike from the ground instead of a cliff, as most people do. The idea kept taking shape inside Brad's head until the day he decided to bring it to life. This video shows what happened that day:

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This video overflows with douchebaggery. (Disclosure - I BASE and ride bikes)

#1 He revs his shitkicker dirtbike over and over again. Great - it's loud. The throttle works. You're a douche.
#2 He trashes bike #1 in a canyon. I can guarantee that he didn't go down there afterward and get it out. He left it like a Snickers wrapper. More douchery.
#3 He never checks his open canopy. A single end cell closure or a line-over would have spun his ass right into the dirt. My cup runneth full.
#4 No riser grab. No toggle grab. No steering at any time. My cup is full.
#5 He has a 90 degree off-heading opening. Any more than that and this guy is plowing into the dirt, not the water.

My cup has runneth over with douchiness. Glad to know irresponsible morons like this exist. The herd needs thinning.