Waterproof Conductive Earbuds Vibrate Your Skull

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Thanko's new EMP-708LITE Vonia earbuds work by actually vibrating the bones of your skull, which is then picked up by your brain and processed as recognizable music. They are, quite literally, skull-rattling 'buds.

What's remarkable (and remarkably Thanko-like) about these is the price: Similarly designed headphones, often not waterproof at all, run for well over $100, while these are only 4280 Yen (about $45). They're waterproof down to 5 meters, which makes them great for workout swimmers (or snorkelers, I guess). Unfortunately, they're Japan-only for now, so we'll have to keep making due with significantly less cool waterproof 'buds. [Thanko via New Launches]