Wazabee 3DeeShell Adds 3D Screen to iPhone

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Wazabee will be debuting several 'autostereoscopic' products at Macworld that add non-glasses 3D tech to everyday LCDs, including the iPhone.


The 3DeeShell wraps around the iPhone like a protective case, and it features a clear "3D" lens that's removable when not in use. And while the case can't magically convert 2D content to 3D, the company is offering three standalone apps to create and view media for the display: 3DeeVUsion, 3Dee!oadr and 3DeeCamera.

• For iPod Touch users, 3DeeVUsion makes it possible to view three-dimensional content and create their own content as well by taking advantage of the device's simple touchpad operation.
• With the 3Dee!oadr Web application, users have access to a stock of more than 500,000 3D images thanks to a connection to Yahoo Flickr! image services. The software also enables users to upload their own 3D images and share them with friends.
• With the 3DeeCamera, users can generate stereoscopic pictures in a matter of seconds using mobile software and a native iPhone camera. Various viewing modes mean that the pictures can be viewed with or without 3D glasses.


We're guessing that the 3DeeShell doesn't have the widest viewing surface, and you probably won't want to stare at the images all day long. But it's 3D. It's neat!

Wazabee will also be releaing a similar product for 13.3-inch laptops along with a standalone 19-inch 3D gaming monitor at Macworld. [SpatialView via Pocket Lint]

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Please don't make my iPhone any bigger. It already makes it uncomfortable to sit if it's in my pants pocket.