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‘We Stormed It. I Was Part of History Last Night’—Insider Footage of the ‘Storming’ of Area 51

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
Storming Area 51
Jeffrey Gonzalez of Paranormal Central

RACHEL, Nev. — Jeffrey Gonzalez had waited 16 years for this moment. He’s been investigating and researching paranormal activity since 2003, but he never thought he would have a close encounter with Area 51. That is until 2:30 am on September 20 when other attendees of the Alienstock festivities in Rachel, Nevada, stirred him in his tent and said they were going to storm the secretive military compound.

According to Gonzalez, who runs, about a hundred stormers arrived at one of the gates for the U.S. Air Force base known as Area 51, and they were greeted by several members of law enforcement who were amicable and even joked about the strange moment.


“It was history. This was the first of its kind as far as storming Area 51,” Gonzalez told Gizmodo. “We stormed it. Well...” he trailed off and shrugged his shoulders, but conceded, “I was part of history last night.”

The group of stormers observed what appeared to be freshly placed barbed wire around the fencing. Gonzalez said he witnessed one young woman try to step under the gate, but authorities quickly grabbed her and pulled her away.


Gonzalez filmed the “historic” moment.

Gizmodo will be reporting from the site of Alienstock as events continue to unfold.

[Video courtesy of Jeffrey Gonzalez of Paranormal Central.]