WebMD Allergy: Assuage Your Seasonal Suffering

Bless you in advance, because allergy season is almost upon us. Prepare for the sniffles with WebMD's Allergy app.

What does it do?

Gives you allergy forecasts including details like the pollen or mold count, so you know when you might want to pop a Zyrtec. It also provides info on other ways to deal with your ailment.


Why do we like it?

They're pretty much the dorkiest thing to complain about, but we all suffer from allergies, be they bug bites, poison ivy, penicillin, or whatever. WebMD is your mobile nurse, so your life doesn't end in the same vein of the kid from My Girl. Find information on seven different categories of allergies, read more than a hundred tips on how to cope, and hopefully suffer a little less this spring.

WebMD Allergy

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The Worst:

You can't get rid of allergies


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