WebOS 1.2.1 Fixes Palm Pre iTunes Syncing, Exchange Breakage

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When webOS 1.2 didn't re-fix the syncing compatibility that iTunes 9 re-broke, it almost looked like this bizarre little Apple/Palm standoff had finally just, you know, puttered out. Well, nope, for some reason! Cue webOS 1.2.1.


Palm's possibly heroic, mostly inconsequential iTunes-molesting theatrics aside, the fix most people were actually waiting for involved an error introduced this week by 1.2, which broke Exchange 2007 EAS syncing for quite a few people. That, along with a few bugfixes, is the main component of 1.2.1, which should be making its way to handsets over the weekend. In other news, paid apps are still totally MIA in the App Catalog. Weird.

Here's the full 1.2.1 changelog:


* Resolved an issue where after installing the 1.2.0 webOS update some customers running Exchange 2007 could no longer synchronize with their Exchange account for Email, Calendar, Contacts, and Tasks.


* Resolves an issue preventing media sync from working with latest version of iTunes (9.0.1).
* Media sync now synchronizes photo albums, maintaining the album structure in the Photos app.
* Media sync now allows for synchronizing photos without requiring the full-resolution originals. This provides faster display of high-quality full-screen images and enables users to store more photos on the phone.


* Resolved an issue where if a user tried to play streaming music or video, the media stream might drop out or have a long delay before starting.


This release implements several security fixes, including the following:

* Addresses a security issue encountered by webkit developers. This issue did not impact end users.

Individuals interested in contacting Palm to report suspected security issues can find more information at palm.com/security .




Palm has morons at the helm. Instead of producing their own software that links directly to the iTunes directory (which applications like Songbird do presently), they're dicking around trying to break into someone elses proprietary software. Is Palm so desperate and incompetent that they can't even put the time towards getting people to develop a good media management app for their own hardware? Very sad Palm, sad indeed.