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Some interesting news from Fortune's Brainstorm conference: HP VP Todd Bradley says that the company's Windows 7-running tablet, the one Steve Ballmer showed off at CES, will not be a consumer-focused product. But webOS 2.0 is arriving later this year.


That second bit comes right form the mouth of former Palm CEO Jon Rubinstein, who said that we could expect to see WebOS 2.0 "later this year" and that HP was still "aggressively" developing new hardware for the operating system. Hopefully among that hardware is the potentially stylus-using PalmPad, a name for which the company recently filed a trademark.

In other, more concrete but less exciting HP tablet news, HP's Personal Systems Group Vice President Todd Bradley said that their Windows 7 tablet, potentially named the Slate 500, will not be a consumer-oriented product but rather targeted toward enterprise customers and will arrive this Fall. Sort of disappointing after all that HP Slate hoopla, but a webOS tablet is ultimately a lot more intriguing than a Windows 7 one anyway. [Engadget 1, 2]

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