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webOS Runs Twice as Fast on iPads Than on TouchPads

Illustration for article titled webOS Runs Twice as Fast on iPads Than on TouchPads

An anonymous source tells TheNextWeb that HP had been testing webOS on other devices. One test in particular, saw them running webOS on an iPad 2 and achieving results that were more than twice as fast than the OS running natively on the Touchpad.


Furthermore, when run as a web app in Mobile Safari, it was still faster than the Touchpad. Yikes. [TheNextWeb via Slashgear]

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I swear I woke up in a parallel universe. Apple makes the greatest, sleekest, fastest, sexiest (sorry, Giz) products in the world that sell for prices lower than the competition as they kill off one competitor after another and have become the biggest company in the Milky Way while they consider a hostile financial take over of the United States government. WTF? When I went to bed in 2003 Bernie Madoff could have bought Apple while shopping for the red delicious variety at Kroger. Now HP, the largest computer company in the world, decides to close shop on their hardware business rather than insult themselves any longer. Aside from Google is there anyone who can compete against the magical products of Cupertino anymore?

I soooooooo wished I bought Apple at $15 a share a decade ago.