Welcome to the Beesistance

Screenshot: ABC NY

Apoidea, welcome to the resistance.

On Sunday, tens of thousands of unrelenting enemies of the racist surveillance dystopia enveloping America took to Times Square to protest Big Brother. The NYPD estimates 20,000 bees simultaneously swarmed a surveillance camera on 42nd Street and Broadway. In a towering message to all of us, the hive mind temporarily blocked the camera, showcasing the transformative power of many acting as one.


The NYPD, currently fighting a privacy lawsuit over its secretive face recognition program, eventually removed the bees, saying on Twitter they were moved to a “safe location.” Any bees that wish to discuss their treatment at the hands of the NYPD, whose officers lost an appeal last week arguing a deafening sound cannon used to disperse protesters was not an instrument of force, please contact us securely via Secure Drop.


Bee pluribus unum.



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