We're Looking at Tomorrow's Cameras Today and...Tomorrow

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Today and tomorrow at the PMA photo show, we're going to be checking out tomorrow's—well, next month's and the rest of the year's—cameras.


We've actually seen most of these cameras already—it's not just Apple, but everybody's schedules revolve less and less around trade shows—since Canon, Nikon and others have already revealed their cameras for the rest of the year, instead of waiting for the Photo Marketing Association show this week. PMA's one of the two major photo trade shows, though it's more about consumer cameras, the ones that'll populate purses and pockets starting this month for "Dads and Grads" season, than the fall Photokina show, which is where we usually see more pro gear.

And as you've already seen, tomorrow's cameras actually look a like today's techwise—just with a few more megapixels (10 megapixels is now the bottom of the barrel, it seems), wider angles (28mm and 24mm lenses everywhere in point-and-shoots) and the mainstreaming of HD video in what used to be simply hold-still-dammit cameras. Maybe there will still be a few surprises, though.

Hopefully our run-up of camera features—a shoot-out between the two hottest cameras you can buy, and primers on why lenses are more important for stunning photos than megapixels—got you hungry for more, since we'll be here for the next couple of days.



Oh boy oh boy.

I'm looking to get a high-end P&S to be the more able-bodied sibling for my nifty (but woefully limited) SD1000. Can't wait to see the goods.