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We've Been Eating Ketchup Wrong This Whole Time

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

You thought those small condiment cups you get at fast food restaurants only held a thimble's worth of ketchup, right? You were wrong. Horribly, brutally wrong. Turns out you can fan them out, meaning you can dunk your fries by the fistful into a sea of crimson tomato deliciousness. Consider your life forever changed.

Maybe you've been doing this forever already, but a quick poll of Giz staffers found that we were overwhelmingly overwhelmed with this revelation. More cup real estate means more ketchup. More ketchup means a face covered in crimson like you just stuck your face under a soft drink fountain of Heinz. More ketchup means no fast food fare left naked. It's not supposed to be clean. Dave Thomas (R.I.P.) isn't setting out the white napkins for your trip to Wendy's. Expanding cups are there so your juicy beef patty is soaked in the sauce, your fingers dyed red, and your face dripping in viscous liquid. Don't be shy. Smash your sandwich with gusto into an Olympic-sized cup of ketchup. It's the way the fast food gods intended. [FoodBeast]